July 2023 New Electrical Products

Jul 14, 2023
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Smoke Alarm with Smart Features

With this Wi-Fi-enabled device, the Kidde app sends real-time notifications to your smart device. ...Read More


NEMA-Style Surge Protective Device (SPDN) Series

NEMA-style Surge Protective Device (SPDN) series to safeguard equipment from transient overvoltage events lasting micro-seconds and help mitigate costly damage and downtime. ...Read More


Spirotrap Magnet

The Spirotrap offers the contractor the ability to remove non-ferrous and ferrous material from the system. The new Spirotrap Magnet is available from 3/4" to 2" in NPT, Sweat and Pressfit connections....Read More


Veloce™ Gen 2

Available in 4″ and 6″ and has a deep reflector design to be comfortable for the eyes. This downlight works with different types of dimming that provide reliable and perfect light control. ...Read More