February 2022 New Electrical Products

Feb 2, 2022
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New IOTA® IP-Rated Emergency Drivers for Damp, Wet, and NSF!

IOTA® ILBDW Series Emergency Drivers bring confident emergency egress capability to luminaires in damp, wet, and food preparation spaces. The ILBDW emergency driver features a heavy duty enclosure and test switch that is IP66-rated and NSF-certified for food and beverage safety. The damp/wet capability, combined with additional performance features, makes the IOTA ILBDW Series the optimal solution for achieving emergency lighting requirements in these demanding applications. ...Read More


Verjure™ Pro Series LED

Acuity Brands® announced the first family of Horticulture Lighting Solutions. Introducing the Verjure™ Pro Series LED. The Verjure™ Pro Series design is all about lighting performance, reliability, and ease of use for the grower. Built with "Tier" 1 quality components, independently tested and verified performance. Developed using real, academic plant-based research. ...Read More


Appleton™ Mercmaster™ LED Series Luminaires

Mercmaster™ LED Luminaires deliver exceptional efficiency, performance and advanced engineering. Designed to utilize as little as 32 Watts of power, it lowers energy consumption while providing 60,000+ hours of running lamp life. It sets the bar even higher for the lighting industry in terms of shock resistance, cold start capabilities, minimal heat production which improves service life, and overall safety. ...Read More


New Larger Size Non-Metalic Hole Cover Kit

Arlington's non-metallic hole cover kits offer the fastest way to cover a hole and ensure compliance with OSHA safety standards on a multi-story building site. Now available in three sizes that cover the hole range of 1-3/5” to 9-1/14”. The new HC3792 fits 3-3/4” to 9-1/4” holes, HC1762 fits 1-3/4” to 6-1/4” holes, and HC1742 fits 1-3/4” to 4-1/4” holes. ...Read More


Portable Power Station, 1500W Designed with the Jobsite in Mind

Klein Tools introduces the KTB1000 Portable Power Station, providing up to 1500W of continuous power to corded electrical tools and electronics. Additionally, Klein introduces the new 60W Portable Solar Panel (sold separately), which can be paired with the Power Station to extend runtime in the field. In designing this Power Station, Klein Tools looked to develop an alternative to the loud, exhaust-emitting gas generators that can only be used outside. ...Read More


Category 6A Cable with Reduced Diameter

Leviton recently announced a new Category 6A cable called LM-RDT™. This UTP plenum cable features an outside diameter (OD) of only 0.230 inches, making it ideal for cable upgrades, retrofit applications, or areas where space is at a premium. LM-RDT – short for Leviton Manufacturing Reduced Diameter Technology – achieves a smaller OD by eliminating the cable cross-filler while maintaining Category 6A performance through Leviton Precision Twist Technology. ...Read More


Color Kinetics Vaya Flood Series Now Available with Intelligent RGBW Light

No two lighting projects are the same. That’s why Signify has expanded our popular Vaya Flood series with Vaya Flood LP G3, MP G3, and HP G3 – all with intelligent RGBW light. The addition of a separate white LED provides better quality white light compared to RGB. Supremely versatile, these luminaires deliver either static or dynamically-changing illumination for interior or exterior use that minimizes your initial investment, while providing you with exceptional flexibility to create eye-catching flood, wash, and accent lighting effects. ...Read More


RoadFocus Reduced Glare – Controlled, Comfortable & Compelling

LED road and street lighting is a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for cities today. LED technology can deliver significant energy savings and helped reduce maintenance for departments of transportation and municipalities with its longer life. However, a common side effect of street lighting is light trespass – unwanted illumination that shines beyond a luminaire – which spills into neighboring homes of citizens and may impact visual comfort. ...Read More


SWITCH SERIES - Micro-Touch Switches

Sleek and discrete, solid-state micro-touch switches designed for hassle-free LED lighting, eliminating the need for traditional wall switches for the ultimate sense of minimalism. These tiny self-contained switches are easy to hide, require zero programming and will prolong the lifespan of any U Technology LED light. Perfect for cabinetry, shelving, counters, displays and much more. ...Read More