January 2022 New Electrical Products

Jan 6, 2022
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Non Metallic Mounting Blocks for Siding

Available for three siding types, Arlington’s one-piece, 5" x 7" non-metallic bases provide a smooth, flat mounting surface for equipment and devices. There’s a mounting block for each siding type. And they’re easy to install after the siding is up. Arlington's one-piece, non-metallic bases provide a smooth, flat mounting surface for equipment and devices. ...Read More


Encapsulated Transformers for Harsh Environments - 3ph Current

HPS Titan™ Series encapsulated transformers offer an innovative design with technological improvements for industrial and hazardous applications. The transformer core and coil is completely encapsulated in epoxy and silica, providing excellent protection from airborne contaminants and prevents the ingress of moisture. The three phase design has a removable hinged door and factory installed grounding lugs, reducing installation time and money. ...Read More


4-Piece TKO™ Carbide-Tipped Hole Cutter Kit

IDEAL Electrical’s line of TKO™ Carbide-Tipped Hole Cutters offer the most efficient and clean cutter replacement for traditional knockouts, by making smooth holes in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Specifically designed to cut sheet metal, IDEAL TKO™ cutters will even cut stainless steel with their precision engineered ground carbide tips. ...Read More


Sealed Wall Plates

The SSW Series of Sealed Screwless Wall Plates from SensorSwitch™ is designed to protect wall switch devices from liquid while blending perfectly into the design of the space. In today’s environment, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces like wall switches is essential to promote a healthy space for everyone. The Sealed Wall Plate is designed to stop liquid from entering the device by including a clear silicone rubber layer overlayed on the wall switch. ...Read More


New Blue-Bay Series, Featuring Bluetooth Configurable Occupancy and Daylight Harvesting Sensor

Visioneering’s Blue-Bay series is a family of high-performance high or low bay luminaires available in a wide range of lumen packages and configurations. They feature a Smart Passive Infrared (PIR) integrated sensor with photocell and Bluetooth™ connectivity. This field-upgradeable sensor combines a wide range of lumen packages and configurations to provide the Blue-Bay family of luminaires with the versatility required for a wide range of demanding applications. ...Read More