November 2022 New Electrical Products

Nov 1, 2022
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Steel & Stainless Steel Low Profile Cord Grips

Arlington's zinc-plated steel and stainless steel low-profile, strain-relief cord grips offer the widest cord ranges in the industry, so there are fewer items to stock. These six connector sizes cover a cord range from .100" to . 750". They also deliver superior pullout resistance. The unique nylon gripper ...Read More


Acuity Brands

Type 3/12/4 Mild Steel Junction Box

The Mild Steel Junction Box is designed for use as a wiring box, junction box, terminal or pull box in indoor or outdoor applications where subject to windblown dust or rain. ...Read More



Contractor Select RetroBasics™ Smart LED Trim Kit

The Smart LED Trim Kit with RGBW color technology is the perfect way to get connected with a smart home lighting solution. Once connected to any Apple or Android phone using Bluetooth® or Zigbee, the Smart RetroBasics downlight can be controlled either via voice command or through an app. Compatible ...Read More



eFuse Protection ICs Product Line

The new eFuse Protection ICs product line, a series of four versatile circuit protection devices. The eFuse Protection ICs utilize an innovative design that provides a wide range of power input (3.3V to 28V) and integrated protection. In addition to overvoltage protection, these electronic fuses protect against overcurrent, short circuit ...Read More



Smart Resistive Load Controller

With the Allia Smart Resistive Load Controller, you can set your electric water heater, pool heat pump or outdoor lighting to operate only when needed from your phone, wherever you are. Perfect for other large residential and commercial resistive loads such as neon signs, it is compatible with our Allia Hub. Moreover, the Allia app has several features specifically designed to save you money on your electricity bill....Read More



JFX LED Tapelight

The Juno® JFX LED Tapelight is the perfect solution for any residential, light commercial and hospitality applications. Whether you need general ambient lighting or functional task lighting, the JFX Series has you covered. Its compact, flexible design allows it to fit into the smallest of spaces and bend, curve and...Read More



RetroBasics™ LED Trim Kit

The switchable 5CCT RetroBasics™ LED Trim Kit is the perfect solution for any residential or light commercial setting. Available in 4" and 5/6" sizes, the economical RetroBasics downlight is designed to replace legacy style incandescent products in existing housings or designed to pair perfectly with the new Quick Connect Housing...Read More



SKYE OnCloud

Full color and white tunable with magnetic interchangeable baffles, SKYE OnCloud is ready to add interest to any room with regressed optics for less glare and a quiet ceiling. Available in a 4-pack with an OnCloud Room Controller, perfect for small rooms such as a bedroom or office....Read More



Contemporary Round Svanco

Stanpro's Contemporary LED Wall Sconce Luminaire series is available in 3 sizes and offers the advantage of an integrated 3 color temperature selection. With a contemporary design in different finishes, its wall sconce luminaires are ideal to add a modern touch to any residential or commercial space....Read More



Motion Sensor Edge-Lit

The LED edge-lit ceiling luminaire with integrated motion sensor by Stanpro has a sleek design including an embedded PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor. This luminaire helps save energy by automatically turning on when motion is detected and off when there is no motion. In addition, it can be easily installed, with a twist-lock installation, flush to a wall or ceiling. Offered in white, it will fit any type of application from a kitchen pantry, a closet, a laundry room, an attic or even a hallway....Read More