October 2022 New Electrical Products

Oct 3, 2022
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Sure Lever Wire Connector

Lever wire connectors provide the perfect solution for joining solid and stranded wires. These versatile connectors have a compact design and take up minimal room in junction boxes and enclosures....Read More


Acuity Brands

32 Amp Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Evr-Green Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station, 32 A, 208/240 VAC, 7.6kW Output, J1772 Charge Connector, Replacement for EVR30-B1C and EVR30-R2C, Includes Mounting Bracket and Pre-Attached Input Cable. ...Read More



15 A SmartlockPro Type A/C USB In-Wall Charger Outlet

Available in 15A and 20A
▪ Deliver fast and efficient charging to mobile devices, over 2X the charging power of other GFCI USB outlets
▪ Overcurrent protection on USB ports and an internal regulator, preventing damage to the device
▪ Status indicator light provides simple, intuitive feedback ...Read More



Starfish™ Smart Lighting

The simple, scalable, smart, lighting solution by SATCO®. Engineered with SATCO’s brand of quality, value and reliability, SATCO STARFISH™ brings the luxury of smart lighting “home” with an offering that suits a number of lifestyles. ...Read More



Cube-Cub Series Steel Battery Unit 12V

The CUB series has been designed to provide efficient and reliable emergency lighting in a modern setting. The CUB's all-steel housing is sturdy and makes installation easy. This series is available in a 12V version and provides 100W of emergency power....Read More



Decora Smart No‐Neutral Dimmer, Switch and Wi‐Fi® Bridge

Retrofit solution for use in homes without neutral wiring in the wallbox
▪ Pair with Decora Smart® Wi-Fi Bridge to enable smart features: My Leviton App, Anywhere Companion 3-way connectivity, choice of voice etc.
▪ Best-in-class dimming performance with custom settings in the My Leviton app for preset lighting levels, fade rates, bulb types and more ...Read More



Easy Out SLG-2L

The SLG-2L series for commercial applications features a plastic battery unit designed to provide an economical and versatile solution to emergency lighting needs, all in a compact size. The SLG-2L unit is configured with 6V dc and two LED lamps of 2W each, and offers over 4 hours of run time as a stand-alone unit....Read More