November 2022 New Plumbing Products

Dec 9, 2022
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E-tronic 80 Commercial Lav Faucet

The E-tronic 80 Commercial Lav Faucet from Chicago Faucets offers a contemporary design option for commercial restroom applications. With above-deck electronics, it eliminates clutter below the deck to enhance the overall design of the room. Features a pressure-compensating Econo-Flo non-aerating spray outlet at 0.5 gal./min., a 6-volt lithium CRP2 battery, and user-adjustable temperature control plus 4-in. and 8-in. cover plates to meet any application. Adjustable run time with vandal-resistant outlet options from 0.35 to 1.5 gpm. Optional Commander handheld unit delivers a new level of control from the palm of your hand. Electronic components are above-deck for faster installation and easier maintenance....Read More



General Pipe Cleaners has rethought high-speed, flexible shaft machines with the introduction of the Flexi-Rooter®, the next generation flexible shaft machine. With added integral, variable speed motor with foot pedal control, stronger, stiffer shaft and our unique ClogChopper® cutters combined with carbide tipped chain cutters for a formidable combination....Read More


Stabilizer Performance Knee Pad

The Stabilizer Performance Knee Pad is designed to be the most secure with maximum comfort. The large flat cap provides you with increased stability while working in a stationary location. The layered gel absorbs pressure and supports the knee for ultimate comfort all day long. These Milwaukee® knee pads are built with a hinged thigh strap for better mobility allowing you to easily move around the job site....Read More


M18 Fuel™ Quik-lok™ Accessory Kits

Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Attachment Hangers – One & Three Packs
·  Hangers are compatible with all M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ attachments
· Convenient way to hang attachments for storage on a nail or hook
· Twist lock design keeps your tool attachments secure...Read More


Water Heater Service Valve Kits

Pro-Pal Water Heater Service Valve kits simplify traditional tank-style water heater installations, combining everything needed for plumbing system connections in one box. Kits available with choice of connection solution to accommodate different installation requirements. Kits include integrated FIP dielectric unions with Press or SWT system piping connections....Read More


RIDGID RP 115 Mini Press Tool

RIDGID has introduced the RP 115 Mini Press Tool. Designed for residential and lightweight commercial plumbing use, it completes the majority of press connections installed in the market with ease, while getting professionals to their next job faster....Read More


Caf series flow-through expansion tank

The Caf series flow-through expansion tank from Taco helps reduce environmental conditions necessary for Legionella and other bacteria to flourish in domestic hot water systems. With standard tank volumes ranging from 23 to 528 gal., the expansion tank provides precise flow channeling through a patent-pending head design, minimizing erosion potential and promoting turbulence. The full-acceptance Captive Air design provides separation of air and water for optimal efficiency. ...Read More


F1960 Cold Expansion Fittings

When installing new applications, you typically need a variety of complex tools, like the go/no go tool, to establish the connection between the product and the piping. Not anymore....Read More